Pittsburgh Kingmaker

The Old Sycamore
A river of Mites

Our mighty band of adventurers having recently defeated the Greenbelt menace of Tuskgutter, continue their explorations our of the forest into the grasslands and hills.

After a half day of mapping along the river Shrike, our heroes come across an Old Rickety Bridge. The mighty warrior Cleric, Atticus, tries to determine the strength of said Old Rickety Bridge even though he has no formal training (Know: Engineering). He declares the bridge safe and sound! A few others, also not trained in structural engineering, review his work and concur. Sprenkel the gnome barbarian, um sorcerer, begins to cross well secured by a rope to Marros, the halfling rogue, (and Atticus.) The bridge seems to hold his small size and weight so he returns. Now the gnome cavalier and his wolf companion begin to cross; unfortunately the OLD RICKETY BRIDGE was not sturdy enough for more than a single medium creature…

Deran and Dusk plunge into the swiftly flowing river. Immediately, the other little folk leap into action to save their diminutive friend!! Sprenkel attempts a wonderful twisting leap off the underside of the broken bridge and promptly splashes into the river. Marros follows suit by jumping into the cold water, but does remember to grab a rope before leaping. (Leaving one end of the rope on the ground near the bridge.) The two humans stare in astonishment at the wet wee folk, but dutifully tie off the rope to the bridge. They shake their heads and remark on silliness of jumping into a river. Dusk, the wolf, quickly swims to the far bank leaving his erstwhile master to flounder midstream and float downriver. Both the halfling and other gnome swim after the cavalier and manage to get the rope to him. All 3 small heroes are now holding on to the last 10’ of a 50’ length of rope. The gnome barbarian quickly begins to enjoy this new experience by using his shield to a bit of wakeboarding!! The halfling and other gnome wisely decide to paddle to shore dragging the fun loving gnome barbarian along.

After a few moments of climbing the riverbank and drying off, the group decides that the bridge would be too difficult for the horses to cross. It being now a BROKEN Old Rickety Bridge… They decide to follow the river north to the ford they discovered by the bandit camp. Deran speaks with his wolf and after a bit of arguing they agree to follow the river together (on opposite sides) and meet at the ford. This uses the rest of the day. The next day is spent exploring the other side of the river.

Finally, the group moves deeper into the grasslands of the Greenbelt. After a few hours of travel, they happen apon a group of low hills with a large tree dominating the highest hilltop. Coming to within a mile of the hill and its crowing tree, it is now apparent that his tree is over 100’ tall. Atticus decides to dismount and continue alone. He instructs the group to wait until his return. The rest of the group quickly tie up the horses (and mule and dog) and follow along around 50’ behind. After almost 30 minutes of trudging along (with some loud sneaking by the barbarian), Atticus reaches the base of the tree with the group dutifully 50’ behind. He now sees that this is an old dying tree. In fact, it is an OLD SYCAMORE

Atticus begins to search fruitlessly around the base of the tree. He is sure that there is an entrance or hole in or under the tree. After a 10 or 20 seconds Marros, the rogue, comes up and points our the tunnel dug under the tree roots. Atticus begins to shout down the hole about parley and other such nonsense as the rogue begins to light a torch and get the oil ready to burn down the tree. After many fruitless attempts to communicate with the not yet seen residents of the tree, Atticus hears a squeaky voice exclaim, “Go away, no solicitors!” Atticus continues to attempt to parley with the chittering little voice, but to no avail.

Once again the wee folk take the fore! Sprenkel climbs down the hole to find out what is below. He finds himself in a roughly 15′×15′ work room of some sort with two tables flipped on their side blocking the exits (tunnels down deeper into the root structure) and protecting 4 angry looking MITES! The mites fling 2 darts and fire a caltrop from a small tabletop catapult hitting the gnome a few times. One of the mites, DOOOOOMS the gnome with his bulging eyes… After quickly racking his brain for information about Mites, the gnome drops his torch and moves to engage the little blue freaks. The mites continue to fire darts and tiny catapult launches at the barbarian, while the other tiny heroes enter the room.

To be continued…

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